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Entries for the Callanish Stones Marathon and 10k are now closed.

Registration for both events is on Friday evening from 5:15pm at St Michaels Memorial, Stornoway (Opposite the County Hotel, just up from Ann Lantair) where you pick up numbers and packs (see Runners Information page on this website).

Please note marathon and 10k entry is now closed.

Late entries will receive a finishers medal, although there is a small chance it may not be available on the day. It is not guaranteed that late marathon entries will receive a teeshirt, or one in their preferred size.

Online entry is recommended as your entry will be processed almost immediately. However, if you are having difficulty with online entry, Email entry is offered as an alternative using the form below.

Email entries may take a few days to be processed. It is your responsibility to ensure you receive and pay the PayPal invoice. You should email us if you do not receive an invoice within 4 days or if you have any query.

Once processed you will be emailed an online PayPal invoice. Note that your entry is not confirmed until the PayPal invoice has been successfully paid. Information about PayPal invoices can be obtained from the PayPal website.


No liability is accepted by the marathon organisers for any loss or injury.

By using our email or online entry you are confirming all entrants understand and accept this. If you are unable to confirm this for all entrants, please do not proceed.

Please ensure you provide all the following information:

Buyer's details (required for PayPal invoice):

  1. Name
  2. email address

For each entrant:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Sex
  4. Affiliated Club
  5. SAL number (extra £2 per entrant charged unless valid SAL number provided)
  6. Race (marathon / 10k)
  7. T-shirt size (if marathon) ( s / m / l / xl )
  8. Early start for marathon (yes / no)
  9. Require bus to start (yes / no)
  10. Estimated finish time

It would be helpful if you used the same numbering on your information.

Please double check your email address as without it your entry cannot be processed.

Any missing, unclear, ambiguous or comedy information may delay your application. Our data processor has no sense of humour.

If you also experience problems with the online form please email all the information and we will do our best to get you sorted.

6 + 1 =  

After pressing send you should see a confirmation message that your message has been received. If you do not, please email us at our alternate email address Please note this address may not be frequently monitored so should only be used if there is a problem.